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Registration Terms

1. The age of the participant must not be less than 15 years.

2 – ta3arof-online site is completely free and there are no subscriptions and no payment is required and there is no agent or responsible person to contact the site, only by contacting us on the top of the site.

3. The Site is absolved to God by any person who enters for any purpose other than marriage and we are not responsible for any person who is guilty of moral misconduct.

4 – The purpose of the site is “legal marriage”, and all persons wishing to participate know this.

5. The site is for personal use only and the use of the site is not permitted by the members in any way.

6. The members have the right to terminate their membership at any time and the administration may cancel the membership of any member without recourse to it, and also if the member of any violation of membership conditions is terminated membership.

7 – The site has the right to modify or cancel any information contained in the site, including the data that the members enter, which may not correspond to the regulations of the work on the site or inconsistent with values ​​and traditions or call for hatred or intellectual or political trends or contain information or Commercial, e-mail addresses or websites.

8 – All members must abide by the values ​​and traditions in their internal correspondence, knowing that they are not monitored from the site, but if it is proven that there are irregularities of one of the members is terminated.

9 – The only case where the site examines the messages of a subscriber is in the case of a complaint from one or more members of this subscriber .. In this case the messages remain confidential and not seen by the administration.

10- The ta3arof-online website is not responsible for the accuracy of data and information recorded and transmitted by subscribers.

Terms of use

  • I manage the ta3arof-online site and set the terms of use on the site so that you can not register on the site before reading it in order to maintain the site’s policy regarding keeping the participants in the site
  • Not to place any image prejudicial to the public domain or any non-personal image or any image in which more than one person is dazzled. It is also prohibited to place any image that symbolizes or indicates any religious, political or artistic symbol or any public figure
  • Site management does not give any information about any subscriber to any person or to any party whatsoever whatever the reasons and circumstances
  • Online communication takes time to get to know the other person well, so we advise you to access your account continuously because this will increase the chances of meeting the person you are looking for
  • The site does not make sure of the participants or participants in the site nor their addresses or numbers, so we advise you to be sure with the person you talk to yourself
  • Site management does not send any message within the site to any participant, no matter what the circumstances and reasons, only communicate with the participants through their email registered on the site
  • The administration of the site to cancel the membership of any participant immediately without any warning in the case of sending any offensive words against any other participant or when the religious values, moral or political, or touch the dignity and morality of people or to make racist statements
  • The site management does not monitor the messages exchanged between the participants because we consider them special things we do not allow any of our supervisors or employees to see them, but only in the case of any complaint from the messages that violate the terms of the site site team to access and monitor the messages
  • The site does not sell any information to any company
  • The site management advises that the password for the site should be more than 8 numbers and characters so that it is difficult and not easy to obtain
  • Direct or indirect participation, false participation or fraudulent participation, which is intended for cheating, forgiving and deceiving other participants, shall be canceled immediately and all data related to these posts shall be canceled.
  • All messages that pass on the site are canceled for more than 4 months automatically
  • Safety warnings
    Managing the ta3arof-online site To maintain the safety and security of our site participants, you will be guided by the following instructions
  • Not to send any material amount to any participant regardless of the reasons and circumstances
  • Do not give any other participant the address of your original residence before making sure of the opposite person before making sure of his intentions and purpose
  • Do not give any details about your bank accounts from regular accounts or credit cards and do not give any secret numbers or access numbers to any one on the site
  • Taking into account the times of contact with the participants and respect for the times of communication is important because of the difference in timing between countries
  • Write information in a polite and decent manner in your data, increasing the chances of communicating with others
  • The site does not always verify the identity of the subscribers or their addresses or telephone numbers. Therefore, we are not responsible for any communication or any relationship that takes place outside the site